The joy of a new build house on the Costa del Sol

When considering buying a home, a common question is whether it is better to buy new or old. The price per square meter of a new build home and the costs associated with its purchase tend to be higher than those of a used home.

However, it should be borne in mind that new build homes offer many more advantages. Let’s see what they are:


No alterations necessary


A new construction home is always ready to move into enjoy from the first moment. However, buying a used home generally means making improvements and we all know the hassle that must be taken to make improvements.




New construction developments offer a wide range of homes , both in type and in number of bedrooms. You will be able to choose the one that best suits your needs and lifestyle. Usually the earlier within the sales phase, the cheaper and more variety on offer.

If you contact PrimeHouse you will see a series of New Build constructions that are available to you on Costa del Sol.


Payment facilities


Buying a new home offers us the possibility of saving and having more margin to compare financing offers from the banks. In addition, the appraisal is usually better, so it is easier for the bank to approve the requested amount to undertake the purchase.


Use of natural resources


All new construction properties must meet a number of requirements when it comes to energy supply facilities. They are built to  take advantage of natural resources, which means lower consumption and, therefore, a lower monthly cost of electricity, gas and heating.


Higher quality of materials


New construction homes have better materials and the procedures carried out in construction are of better quality, which makes the home more energy efficient.


Changes and Modifications to the Home


When buying a new construction home, many builders allow buyers to modify a few things on the plan before moving in if the development is not yet built. You will have a home totally adapted to your tastes.


Quieter areas


Most new construction housing developments are further from the hustle and bustle. This means that the quality of life increases , since there is not so much noise, the streets are cleaner, there are more green areas, which is very important if we have children or if we want to have a relaxed life.


Common zones


New construction flats are usually built in urbanizations that have landscaped areas, playgrounds, sports courts, swimming pools and other extras that makes living in them more enjoyable and comfortable.


Builder’s Warranty


New construction homes are protected by the manufacturer’s warranty for a specified period of time. Thus, if any problem arises during that time, you can claim it under the warranty. This is something that does not happen with used homes, where we can find hidden vices.

The thrill of brand new


There is nothing like using something new, even better if it is our home. It is an experience that can be very exciting , since we will be able to give it our personal touch from the beginning.


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