Buying a new home is always an exciting experience, however, it is important to be well informed before decision making, and avoid any surprises. In this article we give you some tips and guidelines on how to buy a new home, the home of your dreams …

It is true that unlike the second-hand housing market, where one is nearly always doomed to suffer refurbishment, the purchase of a new build means the customer will be able to avoid these activities.

Regardless of the type of purchase, one of the key factors is to be well informed. With this we mean, that you should request all the necessary information to be able to have a more reliable idea of ​​what we are going to acquire, from information and credentials of the Developer to the fiscal/tax aspects. One should not only focus on the payment methods or financing, although protecting your pocket is always essential. A potential buyer should request housing plans and quality reports to see what the house will look like. Other documentation that should be required is the certificate of completion of the work “el certificado de final de obra”, the certificate of occupancy “la cédula de habitabilidad”, the first occupation licence “la licencia de primera ocupación”, the mandatory guarantee “la garantía obligatoria” and the inherent defects insurance “seguro decenal”. It is also useful to be aware of the tax burdens involved in buying a new construction. Luckily for all this is paid to the promoter who is responsible for sending it to the Treasury. The VAT in this sort of transaction is 10% or 4% in the case of a council housing “vivienda de proteccion official”.


If the purchase we are going to make is off-plan, that is, a building that has not yet been built, the risk increases, but also the possible benefits. Therefore, the best and most obvious advice that can be given is, think about what you want. Legal advice, even at an extra cost, is advisable to supervise the purchase and ensure that the buyer is protected in case of breach of contract.

 This brings us to another vital point, the guarantees. The process of buying a new build, and furthermore, one that is off-plan, can produce uncertainty, therefore, making sure that you have guarantees can be a major relief. In general terms, what we can expect is that the guarantee covers the material damages due to construction errors during the first year. The guarantee for major defects such as humidity or structural damage lasts longer. This is the scenario where the building is finished; if for some reason the building was left unfinished, there is no cause for concern since a full refund of the payments maid is mandatory.





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